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According to different printing materials, it can be divided into paper bronzing, fabric bronzing, leather bronzing and plastic bronzing. According to different stamping templates and techniques, there are hot stamping, cold stamping, single-layer stamping, multi-layer stamping, three-dimensional stamping, etc.

The principle of the hot stamping process is simple. When the steel mold is embedded on the stamping plate and heated, then the gold foil is placed between the steel mold and the product. When the template is pressed on the gold foil, the heat is released so that the color layer covers the product.

Scope of application: creative posters, art inserts, fashion book bindings, entertainment products, packaging items covers, invitations, inside pages of publications, high-end creative materials, book bindings, title pages of publications, ring linings, inserts, high-end gift wrapping paper, tea gift boxes, etc.

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